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Welcome! Pie and mash anyone?

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  • Welcome! Pie and mash anyone?

    I'm delighted to begin a new category on The Who Forum and look forward to seeing all your posts on your favourite Who-inspired foods, the best places to eat before a Who show, some well-known eateries on the Who circuit, and some of your favourite recipes. So without further ado, I'll cut the ribbon and declare What's For Tea, Mum? officially open

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    Richard Evans
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    "Maybe there is no sublime; only the shining of the amnion's tatters." --Galway Kinnell


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      I came in here early this morning with some great ideas but putting it all in words was an issue. Heinz Beans was the first thing that popped into mind since that was a staple when we were kids on Saturdays with franks and french fries but I had no idea the rest of the world even knew of them! Ha! Still the best and low in Cholesterol!

      Then I switched over to Quadrophenia. Dr. Jimmy and Mr. Jim.. A gentle reminder on 5:15 Don't eat after getting wasted all night... The whole LP had references to Food and all five or six senses!

      Altho I'd never been there I was told the group used to go to a place not far from my apt. after the show I believe may have been FACES or something like that. Food after the show wasn't exactly a priority but that night after Carnegie Hall I did stop at the Carnegie Deli...

      The Champagne years at the Garden!!!

      I think it was 2012 in December we enjoyed the best meal ever and unlimited everything...before the extraordinary wonderful WHO performance...That was the Key.. be sure to eat prior to the show.

      Sorry I am jumping around all over the place but Pete taught me never to have an "Empty Glass"


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        And thank you Richard a great topic waking up years of memories!


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          Thank you, Richard, for creating a new section dedicated to Food! They call me an eater, I've been searching yummy and tasty, I'm really desperate girl!:cool:



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            If you see shows in Boston and/or New York like I do, there's...

            The Harp (across the street from Boston Garden)
            The Greatest Bar (around the corner from the Harp)
            House of Blues (across from Fenway)
            Lucky Strike (a block or so from Fenway; Roger says "be lucky", so that's karmic)

            NEW YORK:
            Faces & Names
            The Irish Pub
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              I never did find out what Pie & Mash really is and Eel Pie well there is that poor creature doused in butter and garlic...but when I was in London, a real English breakfast included a ton of meat and the tastiest fried bread! Yum yum yum! I would now be the size of a yellow house... there I am in Quadrophenia again! Mama didn't feed the kids in Squeeze Box...

              English made fish and chips were quite lovely with vinegar. Sorry, this is not my best post!


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                So I stayed at this place in Brighton a few years ago and they had a breakfast buffet. Mix and match: baked beans, bacon (English/Canadian style, not the beloved addictive crispy strips of fried fat I grew up on here in the States--but still lovely) eggs, sausage, toast, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh fruit (whole apples and oranges) and probably a couple other things I can't remember. Full-on English breakfast, I assume.

                Then again, I stayed at a little B&B in London where breakfast was simply toast. And tea. But both were plentiful and absolutely perfect. Couldn't ask for more.

                Locally, there's Waffle House. And several more upscale versions of the idea. Breakfast available 24/7 as the core of the menu; also sandwiches and other plates, also 24/7. Because not everyone's life runs on the same schedule, and you never know what you might be craving.

                Mmmmm, bacon.....
                "Maybe there is no sublime; only the shining of the amnion's tatters." --Galway Kinnell


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                  Pre-pandemic I traveled a lot for work and film companies would put me up in very fancy hotels with a per diem (I’m talking about the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills fancy). My favorite meal of the day would be breakfast - at home I usually have a light breakfast or just skip it and combine it with lunch. But I would go all out, because I needed a foundation for a big work day and often wouldn’t know when the next meal was. Biggest conundrum: eggs or pancakes? Thanks to the per diem I could often order both! Made me feel like a rockstar. Room service! (never trashed a room though).


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                    Weirdest breakfast ever was in Prague, which I visited just after the revolution in 1989. We got goulash every morning. Now that was hard to stomach! The cook actually came in to ask why we weren’t eating anything.


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                      Plain oatmeal with one fried egg on top and Tabasco sauce, also a whey protein drink. My new jam.
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