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Roger’s favourite restaurants

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  • Roger’s favourite restaurants

    For those who listened to Life on A Plate, Roger’s food interview, a few months ago.
    In the interview, he revealed his favourite restaurant in in Hastings, called 'La Bella Vista’.
    Here's an article on it and you can see 25 photos of it.

    I may visit there when I go to the UK to see his gigs next summer.


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    Oops, this food section seems to dislike the link formatting, too!



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      Here’s another his favourite one I visited several years ago. Completely forgot the name of it but it is a courtyard restaurant at a museum in London. We enjoyed the atmosphere and had a Japanese tea served in a Japanese Nambu Ironware teapot and great smoked sermon for lunch. (Well, the photo-uploading function is working)
      [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tNambuIronware.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t48.5 KB ID:\t166065","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"166065","data-size":"full","title":"NambuIronware.jpg"}[/ATTACH]
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        Capriccio Ristorante $$$ 5001 W Pauline Whitaker Pkwy


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          Davio's in Boston.He dined there during his USE IT OR LOSE IT tour.

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            [QUOTE=SnugglySara;n166881]Davio's in Boston.He dined there during his USE IT OR LOSE IT tour.


            I'm sorry for saying this in this thread since you've been rejecting to receive my DMs on this website.

            The more you call Roger ‘Boo' in public, the closer you may feel you can reach him. I'm afraid it happens only in your fantasy. In the reality, it's exactly the opposite. The more you do so the more people around him (who actually interact with him) will be wary of you.
            I do believe Roger tries not to get involved in fans' fantasies.

            Don't you think you are actually insulting him and his wife in public? His name is Roger and he is not your pet. We've been getting complaints from other fans. A lot of fans around the world consider him their hero and want him to stay in a higher position than you hope.
            We need love, not an obsession with the bizarre nickname.

            I know fantasy sometimes helps with dealing with difficult situations, but there are several groups that accept your fantasy outside this forum (TheShout, for example). Some of them are run by you. Why don't you save it for your own groups and take care of your co-fangirls? Not here.

            You seem to never accept those who misspell Roger's family name, but on the other side, you force us to see your weird nickname for him that we can't accept. There’s a contradiction in your actions.

            Please do not capture this comment and post it in a public group to urge your people to bully me, just like you did to the other member of this forum and me before.
            I hope this doesn't sound too harsh and will make sense to you.